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6/03/2018 1:12 am  #1

Imperial Empress Neyfiri-Aeon-Creator of the Pleroma

Imperial Empress Neyfiri Tskaha Mo'at'ite
Aeon-Creator of the Pleroma
Imperial Ruler of PE-RpO {RO}

So the new reign of Imperial Empress Neyfiri Tskaha Mo'at'ite of  Imperial House Mo'at'ite, Is the new Imperial Ruler of Paradox Empire and Aeon-Creator of the Pleroma,  is the source of all existence from which everything emanated. The highest regions of the Pleroma are closer to the Light and lowest regions of Pleroma are closest to darkness that is mainly in the physical world such as Terra Prime. With all the knowledge, secrets, darkness, light and balance of all that was, is, and shall be.  Some fear it will drive her to madness. She is still creating all to her own her liking. She has begun appointing Citizens of the Empire to become Imperial Rulers and  Imperial Prime Ministers to rule various realms her empire. 

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